Engineering from a single source


     The company «DINA - COCIUG» SRL under the program "Engineering of one hand" during the construction (restaurants, shops, supermarkets, pizzerias, etc.) offers the opportunity to our customers a full consultation on the ideas and concepts to commissioning.

     Offering design of commercial equipment, the company «DINA - COCIUG» always comes from the overall concept or theme, underlying the development of your object. Everything must be subordinated to a single common goal - to create special conditions for attracting buyers and arrange it to make purchases. The whole image of your object, both external and domestic interiors should distinguish it from others and to emphasize their individuality. Decoration of the hall, feature lighting, illuminated advertising, reflecting the peculiarities of the walls, ceilings and floors, information boards - guidebooks, and even the price tags on products - all should be united in harmony.

Experience of our specialists »Dina Cociug» allow us to offer the following services:

   1.Analysis of the location of the object:                                            
1.1. Flow analysis transport interchanges;
1.2. Analysis of the impact of infrastructure facilities and other commercial enterprises;
1.3. Analysis of the characteristics of the object;
1.4. Analysis of the purchasing of consumers ability;
1.5. Reconstruction of the object;                                                    
1.6. Positioning of the object;
1.7. Formatting the object.                                                                             

   2.Development of the concept and object style:
2.1. Development of an object style;
2.2. Development of the concept of the object;
2.3. Priorities selection;
2.4. Form a basis for design of the project;
2.5. Pricing strategy;
2.6. Development of competitive advantages.

   3. Assessment of the profitability of the object and development of competitive advantages:
3.1. Formation of average bill;
3.2. Ratio of products with different price categories;
3.3. Range of products and additional services;
3.4. Estimate the profitability of the object;
3.5. Calculation of the probable recoupment of the object.

    4. Design- project of the object:                                                            
4.1. Identify the core of style of the object;
4.2. Creating three-dimensional image design - project of interiors;
4.3. Decoration of the object;
4.4. Floristic, phyto - design;
4.5. Execution of design - project.                                                                      

    5. Technological and climatic design:
5.1. Technology project, a project of retail space;
5.2. Choice of optimal operation of heating and air conditioning;
5.3. Ratio of commercial and non-commercial premises;
5.4. Internal logistics;                                                                                                         
5.5. Design storage facilities, areas for product promotion, points of the action, design input and the cash zone.
5.6. Visitors flow and their logistics;
5.7. Develop a plan for electrical, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply;
5.8. Zoning of the object.                                                                                                  

    6. Delivery of the equipment:                                                                           
6.1. Commercial offers from different suppliers;
6.2. Equipment selection;                                                                                    
6.3. Logistics of supply;
6.4. Customs clearance;
6.5. Equipment delivery.                                                                                           

    7. Installation and commissioning work. Commissioning of the object:
7.1. Equipment for installation;                                                                            
7.2. Adjustment of equipment;
7.3. Putting equipment into service;
7.4. Warranty and after sales service.

    8. After-sales service
8.1. After-sales service
8.2. Adjustment processes
8.3. Monitoring processes.

     One of the proposals of the company «DINA-COCIUG» SRL, which enjoys great popularity, is a general contracting service.