Warranty obligations


     Warranty of the product for a period is 12 months from the date of commissioning and not exceeding 18 months from the date of sale. The warranty period may be extended up to 24 months after putting in operation, but not more than 30 months from the date of sale, if the consumer signs a contract for service maintenance customer service "Dina Cociug" at the time of purchase.

1. During the warranty period, "Dina-Cociug" undertakes to make identified manufacturing defects, and also to replace the failed components of the product. Departure of the team to diagnose and troubleshooting is carried out within the Chisinau during 24 hours from the time of filing the application, on territory of Moldova - within 48 hours.

      This obligation does not apply to cases where the product is out of order the fault of the Customer as a result of non-compliance with the operational documentation relating to:

  • use of the product for purposes unforeseen by the manufacturer for its use;
  • the parameters of supply;
  • delays in maintenance;
  • the presence of traces of mechanical damage outside interference;
  • the technical conditions of operation;
  • untimely filing.

2. Customers are obliged to provide a place to connect the equipment to output wire from the grounding circuit.
     3. The purchased product must be located on the maintenance of the company "Dina-Cociug" or other authorized organization. To call brigade of  guarantee service is entitled only the person responsible for the technical equipment.

     Requesting a brigade guarantee service will be taken by the dispatcher of the "Dina Cociug” Company only from the personnel responsible for the equipment.

4. Period of works to eliminate factory defects during the warranty period is not included.
5. Warranty obligations are performed only on by presentation of the warranty card and seal integrity of compliance with service center "Dina-Cociug".

Our goal is to carry out warranty service and repair-quickly, efficiently and on time!