General Contractor


     General contractor - the most difficult type of service in the construction market, including organization, planning and coordination of all construction works (from the project and material selection for finishing), and also mandatory monitoring their implementation. General contractor release customers from organizational works, solving problems related with the estimate turnaround time. Besides the usual range of services included in the General Contract, DINA-COCIUG also offers further equipping the company with necessary equipment, tools, professional cookware, textiles, and also carry out the production and installation of billboards, panels, etc.

     In today's world, where the market of construction services is extremely broad, general contractor is the best type of building activities organization and the general contractor services demand not only companies, but also private individuals.

     The general contractor assumes responsibility not only for performing all kinds of construction work, but also for respect for safety, fire safety, environmental and other requirements of the oversight services.

     The company DINA-COCIUG has the entire modern technical base for full implementation of the general contractor services.                                                                               

Experience of specialists "Dina Cociug" allows to offer the following services:

  • Preparation and organization of the construction area;
  • Collect the necessary documents and authorizations for construction work;
  • Planning, designing, engineering;
  • Construction and installation works;
  • Design and installation of engineering systems;
  • Implementation of interior design-project and elite interior decoration;
  • Architectural supervision of implementation of the design-project;
  • Supply and installation of process and cooling equipment;
  • Supply and installation of heating and air conditioning;
  • Interior furnishing;
  • Supply of professional equipment, utensils, glasses and instruments;
  • Supply of textiles and decorative elements for banquet halls decoration;
  • Supply and installation of video surveillance systems, alarms, etc.;
  • Service and post warranty service of engineering systems;
  • Sales and after-sales service of the process and refrigeration equipment.
  • Service and post warranty service heating of systems and Climat.

The main priorities of DINA-COCIUG are:

  • Reducing the time of works, ensuring high quality and minimize risk.
  • Management of the construction budget within the approved budget.
  • Full account of finance and materials
  • Implementation of the latest achievements in the field of engineering.
  • Ensuring the safety of construction works, health and safety and the environment.
  • Control over quality of work, schedule and budget performers.
  • Control over the state of buildings and structures in the zone of construction.
  • The resolution of conflicts without the involvement of the Customer.
  • Implementation of a careful selection of contractors and suppliers.
  • Coordination of subcontractors and the work they do on the site.
  • Commissioning of turnkey project in time.

     By providing a general contract, we pursue the goal: to reduce the time and minimize the consumption of materials and labor.