The «Dina-Cociug» Company SRL offers to our customers such kinds of work like technological and climatic design. The basic principle of our experts is: saving energy costs, maintenance costs and the optimal price-performance ratio.

     Technological project, a project of retail area.
     Technological project - a plan for placement of production facilities in the building structure, providing a sequence of products technological processes and manufacturing articles with a minimum length of functional relations and maximum avoiding the intersection of technology and traffic flow.
     The basis of the technological project plan laid down processes, for example food production - sequence of actions and operations, through which product should pass, from raw material to finished product.

Technological project should include:

  • Explication of the premises;
  • Plan with the placement of equipment;
  • Anchor Points of equipment to electricity, sanitation, hot / cold water;
  • The specification of equipment;
  • The specification of the anchor points;
  • Explanatory note with a description of work technology;
  • Energy savings.

Selection of optimal scheme of heating and air conditioning systems.
     Designing the heating system begins with the development of preliminary design. It includes major proposed solutions, method of laying pipes, placement of devices and more. The company's specialists can help to find out the best way and in accordance with the rules to calculate and to place equipment.

  • Determine the type and purpose of the construction, number of floors, the presence of the basement, heated attic.
  • Definition of climatic conditions and location of buildings.
  • Introduction to the architectural and construction drawings.
  • Determining the parameters and fencing structures materials.
  • Selection of the optimal source of fuel.
  • Selection of the optimal temperature.
  • Choice optimal scheme of heating system. Heating schemes can be different, not only as different configurations of water heating systems. As the heating system can be used "warm floor" produced by ventilation, called also forced-air heating. 
  • Choice of automation and control systems.
  • The ratio of commercial and noncommercial areas.
  • Energy savings.

     Designing Showroom:                                                             

  • Planning of sales area: the layout product categories and placement of equipmen
  • Creation an optimal scheme of goods movement
  • Creation of the optimal route of movement of buyers
  • The calculation of the optimum ratio of the areas / length calculations by commodity groups.                                                                                                         

     Designing non-trade areas:

  • The calculation of the optimum size of storage space;
  • Project of non-commercial facilities (warehouses, storages, and for receiving pre-sale preparation, administrative and household);
  • Technological project of production facilities (pastry shops, butcher shops, a salad shops, cookery).                                                                                     

     Internal logistics. 
     Logistics, directed to coordinate and improve economic activity associated with control of flow processes within an enterprise or corporate group of companies.

     Technological and climatic design 
     Designing warehouses, areas for product promotion, points of the action, design entrance and checkout area is a complex multilevel process. From how correctly technologically and structurally engineered, depends the value on the required investments, as well the efficiency of the operation cost.
     Properly designed and constructed storage facilities, areas of sales promotion, checkout area, you can:                                                                                    

  • Provide fast and high quality reception of products, access transportation, quick and safe of goods unloading;                                                 
  • Have an optimal scheme of placement and product promotion, different types of shelving and storage areas for different products;                                         
  • Provide an optimal scheme movement of goods;
  • To be equipped with modern equipment, providing smooth operation and a peak bandwidth of cash zone;                                                                           
  • Have an automated system of accounting and performance management.

     At the preparatory stage of designing is conducted an analysis of the planned goods traffic, collecting baseline data and the formation of the Terms of Reference.
     Streams of visitors and their logistics are important factors affecting the purchasing power.
     A modern shopping complex – the  complex object, which includes not only shopping area, but also numerous cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, fitness centers and management of so many components, even in the aspect of logistics is a very difficult task: along with the flow of visitors, there are important inputs commodity flows, traffic flows on the surrounding areas, transportation of goods within the object.
     Errors made in the design of users logistics systems, it is difficult to remove after passing the object, and because they lead subsequently to serious problems, and complaints of visitors will affects purchasing power.    
     Develop an electrical, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply plan.
     In development of plans on a mandatory basis, taking into account all the wishes and needs of the customers, all stages are agreed and include the required client's projects:                                                                        

  • General Plan;
  • Architectural and building;                                                                             
  • Technology Solutions;                                                                   
  • Engineering equipment, internal and external networks;                                        
  • Explanatory note;                                             
  • Technological section;
  • Reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Reinforced metal;
  • Heating;
  • Electric force;
  • Automation;
  • Fire protection;
  • Low-voltage systems and telecommunications, including telephones, burglar and fire alarm systems, computer networks, video surveillance, television and radio, and other engineering systems;
  • Special sections of the project.

     Zoning the object.
     Zoning the object – is a moment during the design process of the object area or zones of different functional purpose. Zones are allocated for placement of commercial shelving trade and industrial equipment and technological processes.

Our goal in designing - reduction of financial costs for the equipment.