Range of services in the field of advertising

    Reached a certain level and status on the Moldovan market, trade and technological equipment, the company «Dina Cociug» initiated an establishment of a unit specialized in the design and manufacture of outdoor advertising. This step proves once again that «Dina Cociug» always eager to work on the principle - "Everything from one source." Nowadays DINAMIT - established team of professionals with considerable practical experience in marketing and advertising, able to work on projects of any complexity. Individual approach, high level of service and professionalism, adherence to professional ethics which is the basis of a strong trust relationship with all clients.
     Currently, regular customers of our agency are more than 20 companies.
     Among them:

  • LINELLA stores network;
  • JARDI stores network;
  • PARFUM LUX stores network;
  • FAGUR stores network (Orhei town);
  • The company VIJELIOS - net cafe "Galbenus";
  • The company Trabeco - interior design, furniture;
  • The company CRIOSISTEM
  • SBARRO - Moldova;
  • The company JET SYSTEM - Organization of exposures;
  • Travel Agency STAND TUR;
  • Travel Agency VLASNEVA TUR.

     DINAMIT has proved as reliable and strong partner, with stable partnership relations with our permanent customers, well as suppliers of materials and products, used in production.


  • Integrated design of the facades of buildings (shops, offices, cafes and restaurants);
  • Volumetric letters without illumination;
  • Three-dimensional letters with neon, fluorescent, LED backlight
  • Pseudo letters;
  • Light boxes (rectangular and curly);
  • Full-color pictures with and without illumination;
  • Main panel;
  • Light-boxes (City Light);
  • Sidewalk;
  • Consoles;
  • Direction indicators;
  • Exposition mounting;
  • Applique and poster images on vinyl fabric (banner) and the film itself maples ("Oracal");
  • Interior design (receptions, offices, retail facilities);
  • Design corporate vehicles;
  • Design trade equipment.

     Using the services of professionals, you will save considerably your advertising budget, as well as remove the burden of the problems associated with visual perception of your business by your customers.

     DINAMIT has its own industrial base and, hence, competitive prices and control of technological embodiment of your ideas.

     The prosperity of the advertising agency depends on the financial success of its clients. Therefore, we do appreciate every customer and strive to help them to earn more by creating an effective appearance of the company.

     Contact phone: (373 22) 50-69-71, 50-69-72

     Come! We are always glad to see you among our best customers!