Maintenance and repair


     Maintenance and repair - a complex of keeping performance or serviceability of the product during use. Timely manner and proper maintenance of the product - is the key of a quality work capacity of the products, in result to obtain the expected results.
     If all the stages, from pre-project preparation and ending with delivery the object to the customer, performed at a high level, exploitation is reduced only to maintenance in perfect condition all systems ensuring uninterrupted operation the object. Maintenance of engineering systems is divided into stages.

     The first phase - execution of planned maintenance work designed to maintaining the systems in operating condition as recommended by the manufacturer. Modern engineering systems and their electronic components require in addition to be cleaning from dirt and dust, and still in the testing, checking all the processes and parameters to control. Some systems require maintenance more often, some of them less. It depends on how important they are to operate and achieve the required degree of reliability of various processes. Standard terms of routine maintenance are monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual maintenance, which is prescribed in the contract for services. For each system, it’s prescribed a list and schedule of work.

     The second stage - it directly fault diagnosis and elimination of existing malfunctioning systems, assemblies, control boxes and other hardware components.

     Maintenance is the key to a long and trouble-free operation of the product!
     To optimize the operation and responsiveness to the emerging malfunction exist Customer service support, where we receive applications from customers with information about any failures or problems of equipment and systems installed in them. These orders are processed and entered in the register of applications. There also are recorded all the phone numbers of responsible persons, which apply for and whose who are involved in its elimination. Contacting dispatcher service, you can learn about the progress of applications and the progress of the work.

     Maintenance staff.
     Members of ''Dina Cociug''’s customer service – a high-level specialists, are regularly trained and pass training programs which have a long experience in many projects where they have deal with problems of operating with different engineering systems. Each customer engineer has nominal certificate for conducting maintenance, commissioning and other necessary works.
     The structure of the company ''Dina Cociug 'allows for multiple levels of technical support. For example, the lower link is the first level of support. Its staff can independently solve problems related to their competence. If the incident is beyond the resources of the first level of support, the problem istransferred to the second level, more qualified, etc. A very important point support - response time. This is the maximum time in hours from the time of appeal to our customer service, before an agreed date (arrival at the facility, the beginning of the work partially or fully fixing the problem, etc.). Customer Service of ''Dina Cociug” Company in concluding contracts for maintenance services, provides the highest rate of response to emerging issues up to permanent presence of experts at work next to the exploited systems. The company has specialized fleet - service vehicles are equipped with everything you need professional tools and supplies for a quick exit and the works as maintenance as well as for emergency repair and diagnosticequipment.

     Warehouse of spare parts and repair area.
     In order to support the equipment, which is on the warranty period, the company has in stock always complete sets, necessary spare parts for equipment, and also the necessary supplies for inspection.
    Clients of our company should not fear that the equipment they exploit can stop the production process.
At the right time for maintenance or repair of equipment, service office is ready to carry out these works in the repair workshop which is equipped with special tools, necessarily technological equipment, adaptations for special works.

     Service warranty and post warranty service.
     We offer our clients a wide range of services related to maintenance and repair of equipment. You can choose a one-time collaboration as well as periodic repair and preventive maintenance of your equipment by our experts by addressing with application in the control room, and / or Service Agreement with the Service Department ''DINA-COCIUG''.

     Customer Service provides a full package of work on the maintenance of equipment:

  • Compressors and multi compressor installation;
  • For the evaporators and coolers;
  • For air-cooled condensers;
  • For pipes;
  • For electrical equipment, control panels and regulation;
  • For refrigeration furniture;
  • For a computer system with a computer monitor;
  • Conduct scheduled preventive and emergency maintenance;
  • Equipment with built-in unit, chests;
  • A group of electro-thermal equipment;
  • A group of electro-mechanical equipment;
  • Maintenance of cash register  with complex conveyor belt;
  • Wall boilers;
  • Floor boilers;
  • Boiler;
  • Circulating pumps of heating systems;
  • Electrical panels automation, control and protection equipment and dispatch
  • Ventilation equipment;
  • Air conditioners;
  • Chillers;
  • Gas Burners and liquid fuel;
  • Rooftops (roof top).

     The list, the frequency and work schedule differs from each other depending on the contract. The entire list of works is specified in the annex to the contract.

     Our goal is to carry out maintenance and repair, quickly, efficiently and on time!